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What and who are --- Endurance Fitness Systems?

(EFS)  (aka.... efs triathlon club inc)



Formed as a small training group in 1997 at Leeming Rec Centre --it then moved over to the old Melville Aquatic Outdoor pool

Now part of the new Leisurefit Aquatic Centre   - the training group formed itself into a club and based itself at Leisurefit Booragoon in the 2013/14 triathlon season.

It enjoys a unique community club partnership with Leisurefit Booragoon , the club home base 

With membership growth every year, an outstanding performance  training facility/ Centre squad partnership in use, 4 high Level TA Accredited  Club Coaches, plus a  Junior Program the club continues  to be innovative and  tick the boxes with a strong proactive committee at the helm.

Whilst the new Melville Indoor pool was under construction EFS was operating from the new Riverton Leisure Centre in High Rd

By now there was a diverse spread of athletes with triathletes, Rotto swimmers, marathon runners, Blackwood Ultra racers even Kokoda Trail trekkers all joining in during parts of the year      


Endurance moved back into Melville Aquatic in 2007 and has seen even more athletes enjoy outstanding success and achieve their goals…

May they continue to do so for a long time yet and find many more challenges?   

It is now truly .... "more than just a tri club- a development zone "  





                   Become a full Member Today  

                                                  Is a one step process 

              Just go to the Triathlon WA website & select membership ---Fee total below is TA 

              competitor license , the club fee & your club is efs triathlon club 


                    **   Junior Membership is graded by Age bands & have reduced age tiered Triathlon Australia fees 




   efs Club  HOME BASE:     Leisurefit Booragoon (LFB) 


                                                     Your club fee at work is shown as a appx % allocation $ against :

  • Club Nights / club race events x 4 times per year                 (15%))

  • Planning with your club coach to reach your goals                (1%)

  • Junior Academy Partnership with LFB                                  (2%)

  • Start of season BBQ meet & greet other members                (5%)

  • Training sessions weekly                                                    (8%)

  • NOTE-- some  accessible only via LFB Membership 

  • Seminar nights during the  per year                                    (8%)

  • Camps & clinics during the year                                          (8%) 

  • Social nights /movie nights during the  year                        (10%)

  • Club lockup Trailer for race gear storage at events                (1%)

  • Club race kits available for subsidised purchasing                 (10%)

  • Prizes and discounts (10-15%) from our valued sponsors       -------

  • End of Season Presentation Function                                   (10%) 

  • Other  -emergency fund                                                     (10%) 

  • Balance if any ---- goes to consolidated revenue                    -------         


                                                       Not competing  -then become a support zone member 


  • NOTE: Supporter/social EXCLUDES all training and racing insurances 

  • You are 110% welcome to attend these as a volunteer helper -but unable to compete/train

                                                                                      Your Support Fee is split this way

  • Start of season BBQ meet & greet                                       (20%)

  • Seminar nights                                                            (20%)

  • Camps 

  • Skill clinics

  • Social nights /movie nights                                           (20%) 

  • Club lockup Trailer for Spectator gear storage at selected events 

  • Club Tent for shade and spectators                                (20%)

  • Prizes and discounts (10-15%) from our valued sponsors

  • End of Season Presentation Function                              (20%)

                                                             Since 1997 beginnings the EFS athletes have achieved: 


  • 292 Ironman Triathlon finishers

  • 631 Half Ironman finishers         

  • 15 x Hawaii Ironman finishers including several podium finishes and 1 x  gold medal , 1 x bronze medal

  • ITU World Age Group Championships  --  so far a total of 15 Podiums 

  • 76  people training with EFS have now made the Australian Age Group Triathlon Team & competed in ITU Aquathlon, Sprint, Olympic (now called Standard) and Long Course Triathlon in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand USA, UK and China. 

  • In 2014 they swept the floor winning 2 silver medals and 4 bronze medals!

  • In 2019 we had our latest Podium @ ITU Worlds Switzerland 

  • Rotto Solo Crossings – 43

  • Rotto crossing as a Team or Duos  -- 102

  • Port2Pub Solo Crossings  - 6

  • Port2Pub Teams - 18

  • 101 podiums in TOTY (TWA) up to the 2019 series (Triathlete of the Year State Series Races)

  • 46 podiums TriEvents Series winners (series ceased 2018)

  • Podium finishes overseas triathlons  ---France , Indonesia, Singapore ,Canada ,China ,Switzerland, Germany,Malaysia,New Zealand  



  • 94 plus Anaconda/Rapid Ascent  racers finished the event so far

  • 123  Marathon Finishers including the famous New York ,Boston , Berlin,Paris  marathons 

  • Many of the squad compete in the half marathons & Fun runs (both in Perth & all around Australia plus some overseas)

  • EFS Athletes and triathletes race around the globe in Australia, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, France, Indonesia, USA, China, NZ, Croatia,Germany and  Europe with ITU Age Groups , 70.3, full Ironman races plus Ultras  & Marathons & Trail /Adventure & Mtn Bike & more

  • Open Water swims in USA, Croatia, New Zealand 

                             The Legend of the Rat                                              


 In the early days (about 1998 ) o there was not a lot of lane space days for a squad available, so we all did an early morning 6am river swim in   summer once a week.      

The girls (and  some of the guys) didn’t like sharing the river bank  very much with the big grotty hairy coated river rats & the nickname began of doing the “river rat swim” … which eventually turned into the “rat logo” after we moved back to having more lane space available at the pools

Who is KING RAT/QUEEN RAT then ? aka --Club Captain 

Its an is an position remembering our past . Voted in each year by squad members

Their role (king -queen Rat) is to always be motivating and encouraging squad members, participate in various squad seminars and events, as well as performing important “duties” and creating fun for all. Invoking a true club spirit and inclusiveness is paramount aim of Le Rat .

                                               The current Club Captain ( Queen Rat is Kim Tyler ) 

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 12.46.15 pm.pn
 Club Committee for 2019-20
  PresidentBrian Kempson
  Vice President : Mark Leavy 
  Secretary : Gaye McKean 
  TreasurerNoleene McKenzie  
  Juniors : Michael Cooper 
  General Committee:
  Penny Fegan, Pablo Rodriguez 
           Non voting 
  Social :      Jacqui Tan 
  Club Head Coach  -- Brian Kempson 
    Coaching Group
    Geoff Grose
    Michael Cooper
    Gaye McKean
    Jacinta O;Connor
    Mtn Bike Advisor :  Warren Lunn 
    Paddling Advisors: Geoff Grose 
    Open Water Swim Advisors         
                Some FAQ -  Club info :
  Main training Location:
  Leisurefit ,Marmion St, Booragoon 
  Number of Accredited TA Coaches
  Accredited & Insured club with Triathlon Australia 
   2014 /15 Season 
   Club Nights in Summer
  Social Events 
   Juniors -Novice - Age Groupers - ITU  - Long Distance 
    Ironman - Multisport - Marathon - Trail - Off Road Tri 
    Open Water -  X Adventure - Ultras