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About Us


What and who are --- Endurance Fitness Systems?

(EFS)  (aka.... now -- efs triathlon & multisports club inc)



Formed as a small training group in 1997 at Leeming Rec Centre --it then moved over to the old Melville Aquatic Outdoor pool

The training group formed itself into a club and based itself at Leisurefit Aquatic Booragoon in  2013/14  until undergoing a  a relocation beginning in April 2022 .

With membership growth every year, an outstanding member performances both in triathlon & multisport, with 5 x high Level Triathlon Australia Accredited  Club Coaches, plus efs also ticks the boxes with a strong proactive committee at the helm.






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                   Since 1997 beginnings the EFS athletes have trained/achieved: 


  • 305 Ironman Triathlon finishers

  • 619 Half Ironman finishers         

  • 15 x Hawaii Ironman finishers including several podium finishes and 1 x  gold medal , 1 x bronze medal

  • ITU World Age Group Championships  --  so far --total of 16 Podiums 

  • 76  people training with EFS have now made the Australian Age Group Triathlon Team & competed in ITU Aquathlon, Sprint, Olympic (now called Standard) and Long Course Triathlon in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand USA, UK and China. 

  • In 2014 they swept the floor winning 2 silver medals and 4 bronze medals!

  • In 2019 we had our latest Podium @ ITU Worlds Switzerland ,Kim Tyler 

  • Then COV19 hit 

  • Rotto Solo Crossings – 66

  • Rotto crossing as a Team or Duos  -- 122

  • Port2Pub Solo Crossings  - 9

  • Port2Pub Teams - 19

  • 109 podiums in TOTY (TWA) up to the 2020 series (Triathlete of the Year State Series Races)

  • 46 podiums TriEvents Series winners (series ceased 2018)

  • Podium finishes in overseas international triathlons  ---France , Indonesia, Singapore ,Canada ,China ,Switzerland, Germany,Malaysia,New Zealand  



  • 98 plus Anaconda/Rapid Ascent  racers finished the event so far

  • 10 at Swim/Run Cape 2Cape Event 

  • 144  Marathon Finishers including the famous New York ,Boston , Berlin,Paris  marathons plus around Australia 

  • Many of the squad compete in the half marathons & Fun runs 

  • EFS Athletes and triathletes race around the globe in Australia, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, France, Indonesia, USA, China, NZ, Croatia,Germany and  Europe with ITU Age Groups , 70.3, full Ironman races plus Ultras  & Marathons & Trail /Adventure & Mtn Bike & more

  • Various Open Water swims in Australia, USA, Croatia, New Zealand 

                         The Legend of the Rat                                              


 In the early days (about 1998 ) o there was not a lot of lane space days for a tri squad available, so we all did an early morning 6am river swim in  summer once a week at Pt Walter      

The wildlife  didn’t like sharing their river bank very much (big grotty hairy coated river rats ) & the nickname began of doing the “river rat swim” … which eventually turned into the “rat logo” after we finally obtained  lane space available at the pools  on a permanent basis                        


 The current Club Captain (King Rat)  is Pablo Rodriguez

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 7.30.56 pm.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 12.46.15
 EFS Club Leadership for 2022-23
  President:  Gaye McKean 
  Vice President : Brian Kempson  
  Secretary : TBA
  TreasurerPablo Rodriguez  
  Juniors : Michael Cooper 
  Sponsorship: Warren Littlefair
  Communications: Cheryl Clarenc     
  Social: Michael T 
  Club Head Coach  -- Brian Kempson 
    Geoff Grose
    Michael Cooper
    Gaye McKean
    Jacinta O'Connor

    Mtn Bike Leader/Advisor :  Warren Lunn 
    Paddling Leader/Advisors: Geoff Grose 
    Open Water Swim Leader Advisors  ; TBA 
    Gravel Bike Leader/Advisor : TBA       


Club Constitution 

    Some FAQ -  Club info :

  Main training Locations:
  ARC Cockburn
  Thu swim 5.30am - 7.00am
  Sat run/swim 12.15pm - 2.00pm

  Mount Henri Bridge
  Wed S&C 6.00am-7.00am
  Sat Ride 7.30 -

  Number of Accredited TA Coaches
  x 5 
  Accredited & Insured club with Triathlon Australia 
   Club Formed 
   2014 /15 Season 

   Club  in Summer
   Full Coached  pgms 
   Social Events 
   Coach support at chosen events 

   Juniors -Novice - Age Groupers - ITU  - Long Distance 
    Ironman - Multisport - Marathon - Trail - Off Road Tri 
    Open Water -  X Adventure - Ultras -Mtn Bike- Gravel 
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