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We can all play our part in helping to save the planet. One way is to replace some meat-based meals
with vego options. As an endurance athlete, we know the importance of protein in our diets. Here is
the best way to maximise iron intact.
Tips for increasing dietary iron intake 
 Try and include more beans (especially lima beans), lentils, dark green leafy vegetables as well
as eggs and nuts in your diet.
 Increase your intake of vitamin C-rich foods such as citrus fruits, berries, new potatoes, broccoli,
sprouts, tomatoes, peppers, kiwis etc. Vitamin C helps make iron much more absorbable
 Don’t drink tea and coffee with meals as the tannins present strongly bind any iron present
making it less available to the body.
 Pure bran is very high in phytates, which bind iron. If you want more fibre, don’t use bran
products; get it by eating whole grain breads and cereals in the first place.
 Cook using stainless steel cookware, which can add useful amounts of iron to cooked foods.

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