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  Winter  Season 

To access the following sessions you need an EFS training pass available from ( the coached sessions are as follows:

Swim Thur ARC; Run/Swim Sat ARC; Bike Sat with Coach Geoff

From April 1st ( Winter training Program starts ) 

SWIM - ARC Cockburn  5:30 - 7am am Thursday 50 mtr Pool  

                                   1:00 PM Saturdays   50 mtr Pool 










BIKE  - ZWIFT Tuesday 5:55am Virtual Online (requires personal Zwift Subscription) 

RUN / SWIM -- Saturday 12:15 Legacy Park - then into ARC Pool Session at 1pm


TRY -IT  Bootcamp & S & C  on Wednesday 6am  with Coach Gaye 

Saturday Bike -- 7:30am Saturdays with Coach Geoff 


Sunday Long Run. -- Mob run with Group Leader @ various locations 

Monthly Adventure club training Session - Ice Swim - celebrating shortest day of year 


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Note: the Tue Zwift ride, the Sun Long Run, and (returning in Summer) the open water mob swim @ Coogee do NOT require an EFS training pass

Pro-tip to save on costs:

ARC offer 10 or 20 entry passes

ARC Aquatic membership 

Flexi Aquatic membership 

Lifestyle Active Memberships ---whichever works best for you


For more information check out the ARC website:

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                  "Trailer Day" Events or
                  at times "Fill The Tent" 
      Each season the club selects key events that members enjoy and ensure that our club trailer is there for all to use, store gear & enjoy afterwards.

  Where events prevent trailer access - the efs tent is used for spectators shade, shelter & athlete gear storage etc