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Helmets are so important

The helmet is one of your race time safety features in triathlon. It is very important to be aware of what you are buying, when to replace & what rules can apply to actual helmets

You pay for what you get ---will a $60 helmet protect the head like a $200 hemet ???

Remember its your head & not replaceable.....

Wether it be an aero helmet, traditional ,mountain bike, other --- all must :

-- fit the head snuggly without it moving around

-- have the chin strap firm when secured

-- have adequate ventilation

-- feel comfortable whenever wearing

-- have appropriate Australian safety impact rating sticker inside the lining

--- not be 2nd hand as a crash or misuse can create hairline cracks which are hazardous

-- be replaced whenever crash / head knock occurs

The ITU Rules state following . :

t’s often recommended that a helmet worn frequently should be replaced every 3 years or so. The reason is that the foam degrades due to sun, heat, salty sweat and other environmental factors, added to the usual knocks of regular cycling activity.

These things make the foam unable to provide the full protection it’s designed for in the event of a head impact. A helmet should certainly be replaced after it’s damaged in a crash or even dropped hard.

However, some experts (presumably those not working for helmet companies) maintain that a helmet will be protective no matter what its age as long as it’s undamaged. In their view, there is no age limit.

There’s no arguing, though, that buying a new helmet every 3 years will keep you current with comfort and safety features as well as style. It’s remarkable the improvements we’ve seen in helmet lightness, ventilation and fit.


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