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The one that missed the Melville Times

For some reason the editors cut happened & Michael didn't start in the local papers...so here is the efs version for your enjoyment ----how to get to a Rotto Channel Swim Number plate

Who would think that a free session pass for the Leisurefit Centre in Booragoon would lead Michael Taranto towards his solo swim attempt in the upcoming Rottnest Channel Swim

The father of 3 was quietly watching his wife in the team event at the Australia Day Triathlon at Point Walter 3 years ago and a promo free pass was accepted. So what happened?

Enjoying a squad session with the Leisurefit Athletic Program lead to some more fitness sessions, then a few little events and then bingo...a goal was formed. Nothing remarkable here you might think.

According to Athletic Head Coach Brian Kempson, Michael shows what goals, training, improving fitness all with a work/family balance can be all about in the 2020’s. Certainly a juggle in a digital world but if the goal is realistic it can happen.

His goal –solo crossing Rottnest Channel Swim in February 2020 .

Starting the day with a training session then its school drop off and a busy day in the 2 x Podiatrist practices Michael and his wife Julie run together. Add in some surgery days and another lunchtime or evening pool session to get their 40km a week of swimming in.

These are often with his many squad Rotto training partners that include this year a wide cross section of Uni Students, Doctor, Baristas, Cardiac Surgeon, Dentist, Radiologists, Mining Engineers all juggling daily time /family/work commitments themselves.

The entire group has the desire to swim across the Channel on Saturday February 22nd and motivation to do this comes with the 5:30am training reality and the happy thoughts ahead of them as they finally stop swimming, walk up the beach alongside the Hotel Rottnest through the finish arch and say,

“I have just swum to Rottnest “


efs triathlon club inc.

Club Training Location: LeisureFit , Marmion St, Booragoon, Perth ,WA 

Events and Club nights as per calendar 

All abilities from  Beginner Tri to Ironman 

Junior Academy 


Brian Kempson - President 

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