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Club Legends

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Our EFS Club Legends

The following EFS Legends have been recognised for achieving:
* World class accomplishments,
* Participating in extreme endurance sports,
* First to conquer something special whilst a club member.

These club members have all been trail blazers and have continued to achieve other outstanding
accomplishments. We celebrate their mental toughness and desire to achieve
something truly outstanding.

Gaye McKean -- the Winner of Japan IM Age Group (with the Course Record)

3 x Kona podiums
9 x IM with 7 podiums/ 2 course records
3 x ½ IM podiums
1 x Marathon podium
1 x Ultra Distance Triathlon podium
3 x WA Triathlete of the Year podium
WA Masters Sports Women of the Year finalist
Kokoda trail

Richard Burnell -- a 9 times member Australian Age Group Team ITU Worlds

- First ratty to triple podium at Australian Age Group Worlds

- Aust AG @ - Canada, UK, Germany, Aust (2), USA, Switz, NZ 

Lynette Hewitt -- an 8 times Rotto Solo Swim crossing athlete and she completed the

Dawn to Dusk - double Rotto crossing (on the same day)

1x 25 km ultramarathon Rottnest swim 
1 x Rottnest team swim
3 x ½ Ironman 
1 x IM
1 x ½ Marathon

Julie Kerr -- the Winner AG Hawaii IM Kona World Champs 2017 - Hawaii 

2 x ITU OD World Championship podiums
4 x IM with 3 podiums

Kate Bancroft (Simpson) -- the first ever ratty to finish a 100km Ultra (in 2014)

Anaconda Adventure long course race
Vancouver Island First Timers Marathon
6inch Trail Marathon 46km
Bunbury 3 waters Ultra 50km
Kep Ultra 75km
Surf Coast Century 100km
2 x ½ IM
1 x IM

Bruce Bowman -- completed a Solo unassisted East to West Charity Bike Ride from Melbourne to Perth in 30 days

6 x IM
15 x 70.3
Walked Bibbulmun track
Walked Cape to Cape track
Cycled Munda Biddi track

John Fisher -- the first rat to complete all of the big 5 marathons:

(Paris, London, New York, Boston, Berlin)

10 x 70.3
2 x 140.6
Kokoda trail

Rachel Pantin -- the first rat to complete the Alcatraz to San Francisco swim (first female)

- the first to complete 25Km Port2Pub Open water swim 

2x Rottnest Channel Swim 19.7km solo crossing
2x Rottnest Channel Swim Duo crossings
1x Rottnest Channel Swim Team crossing
4x Busselton Jetty Swims
2x Busselton 70.3
1x half marathon 
Walked Cape to Cape track


 Hall of Fame recipients have achieved outstanding results as follows:


Greg McKenzie -- the first ever EFS Hawaii Kona Spot

Kim Tyler -- a Podium Age Group ITU World Champs 2019 - Switzerland 

Jenny Owen -- Multiple Triathlete Of The Year awards over 10 years


Richard Burnell

Ron Richards

Mark Leavy

Katherine Caudle

Jacquie Richards

Michael McCormick 

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Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.19.06 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 3.26.21 pm.png



Mark Leavy - First treasurer & 7 years on EFS Committe - Australian AG Team, Switzerland 2019


Brian Kempson - Founder of EFS Triathlon Club in 2014.

Brian was the first President 2014 - 2021; and the Head Coach since 2014.

Brian has been a Committee member since 2021.

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