Club Legends

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Our EFS Club Legends

Greg McKenzie --first ever EFS Hawaii Kona Spot from the group

Gaye McKean  - Winner Japan IM Age Group (Course Record)

-  Podium AG  IM Kona World Champs -Hawaii 

Richard Burnell - 8 x times member Australian Age Group Team ITU Worlds

- First Australian Age Grouper to triple podium at AG Worlds

- Aust AG @  - Canada, UK ,Germany , Aust(2), USA, Switz, NZ 

Lynette Hewitt  - 8 times Rotto Solo Swim crossing

Dawn to Dusk - double Rotto crossing

Julie Kerr   -- Winner AG Hawaii IM Kona World Champs 2017  - Hawaii 

Kim Tyler  - Podium Age Group ITU World Champs 2019  -Switzerland 

Kate Simpson - first ever 100km Ultra Finisher 2014

Bruce Bowman  - Solo East to West Charity Bike Ride from Melbourne to Perth 

John Fisher  - first running rat to complete all of the big 5 marathons

(Paris, London, New York, Boston, Berlin )

Rachel Pantin - first swim rat to complete Alcatraz to San Francisco swim 

- first to complete 25Km Port2Pub Open water 

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Mark Leavy  - First treasurer & 7 years on efs Committe - Australian AG Team , Switzerland  2019


Brian Kempson - Founder of EFS Triathlon Club in 2014.

Brian was the first President 2014 - 2021; and the Head Coach since 2014.

Brian has been a Committee member since 2021.