Next Level in efs CLUB TRAINING

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Altitude training Tri Camps 


Each year since 2014  the Club Coach has taken a group into the Alps for some serious mountain training at altitude , with time for sightseeing, participating in local triathlons and watching iconic cycling events such as the Tour de France.

The photos shows some of the happy bunch at Alpd'Huez ,France , watching Tour de France & the Vuelta 

 2014 French Alps - Morzine 

 2015 French Alps . - Morzine 

 2016 French Alps  - Morzine 

2017 Spain  - Granada/ Sierra Nevada 

2018 Qlnd -- Gold Coast 

2019 French Alps - Morzine 

2020  Postponed 

2021 Still postponed 

On other occasions the group has competed in local area french triathlons and seen some mountain stages of the Tour de France  & been to the top of Mont Blanc (Europes tallest) 

In 2017 we partnered with Czech Active Tours and head off to the high country in southern Spain for two weeks high altitude training in Guadix then time at the Spanish AIS in the the Sierra mountains near Granada and also a great  day at the Vuelta (Tour of Spain).

2019  Morzine in the French Alps is our altitude training camp. This will be for some attendees lead on to the ITU Age Group Worlds in Switzerland & others to the 70.3 Worlds in Nice, France 

Triathlon Season Training with our LFB Partner 
Training and coaching is available all year round, with the nature and style of training changed to suit the particular interests of athletes.  Alot of this works with a training session  partnership at Leisurefit Booragoon where the facilities are suited to tri and multisport training.
The LFB Athletic program is triathlon & multisport specific for your key events & goals & partners with efs triathlon club expertise. This brings value to your payment at the highest of sporting levels 
Qualified Triathlon Coaches from efs guide, plan and run sessions within your monthly Centre membership
The  gym at LFB is available 7 days a week - as is sauna & spa for heat training or recovery sessions
Within the gym are the newly added  WATT bikes for "real" bike sessions & a Kayak ergo trainer  
 This can also include heat training --multisports goals - trekking preparation - rotto or other open water solo efforts  - controlled post event recovery & even supervised rehabs....the list is endless ......                                NOTE: Above partnership has a membership condition to it named: 
                               Leisurefit Healthy Lifestyle Athletic